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sfondo 1Living in FREEDOM…
Or, in other words, choosing one’s life quality.

Sonique makes it possible: the mini car “par excellence”, made and designed by professionals who don’t just manufacture a small vehicle, but do once more release a declaration of beauty and profound technical skills.

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Going for a
means choosing the reliability of SONIQUE, taking care of oneself and the others and being respectful of the environment.

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Giving one’s journeys CHARACTER.
On a SONIQUE everybody is unique: a vehicle of great worth, glamorous, fresh looking, an object that satisfies both the eyes and the soul.

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Driving SONIQUE, a distinctive sign of style and elegance
Being modern, up-to-date and plenty of good taste are finishing lines that can only be crossed by experience . Sonique crosses them all.

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GRECAV AUTO SRL - via A. Guerrieri Gonzaga 28 - 46023 Gonzaga (MN) - Cap. Soc. sottoscritto : € 20.000 i.v. - C.F. e Reg. Imprese di MN : 02274750203 - P.I. : IT02274750203 - REA : 238892 - sito web RWD